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Tons of illusion

e-Renovarse o morir

e-Renovate or die explains the seven digital trends that will transform our personal and professional future: augmented reality, gamification, drones, 3d printing, bioprinting, internet of things and big data. Are you ready?

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If you want to understand how to use talent and new technologies to foster a new leadership style this book is for you- Loles Sala, talent and culture director in ManpowerGroup
If you want to know how the future will be for companies and leaders, e-Renovate or die is for you- Pilar Jericó, writer, speaker and president of Be Up
I have never met anyone who could talk better about technology and its human side- Juanma Romero, TV presenter
Ingenio, sexo y pasión

Ingenio, sexo y pasión

Ingenio, Sexo y Pasión gives you the formula that enables to get 100 per cent of the innovative potential. It will help you to turn gender differences into profit. The future is filled with possibilities you can´t let go.

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This is one of those books that, even if you don´t read them, you recommend them- Risto Mejide
Exceptional book in each of its paragraph- Juanma Romero, TV presenter
Buy it, recommend it and, over all, enjoy it- Juan Carlos Cubeiro, head of talent in Human Age Institute.
Ingenio y pasión

Ingenio y Pasión

Ingenio y Pasión offers a simple yet effective methodology with diagnostic tools and guidelines of application. It will be very valuable for those who need to invent and re-invent themselves.

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Read it if you dare- Francisco Sebastian, country manager in Forrester
I have learn a lot reading it- Pilar Jericó, writer, speaker and president of Be Up.
A book of business management everyone should read- Leopoldo Boado, country manager in Oracle Spain


20 outstanding thinkers’ brilliant lists

In this book, 20 authors give a list of 20 advises that could transform the readers´s life. Of course, among them you will find a list of 20 advises for inno-leadership

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These twenty names, bringing their own perspective and knowledge, provide thanks to their collaboration, to fill this book with originality and freshness as well as making it a useful tool.- Marcelino Elosua, President of LID Editorial