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Internet arrived and changed everything and it will happen again, very soon. New technologies like augmented reality, gamification, drones, 3d printing, bioprinting, internet of things and big data bring a new digital wave that will generate a lot of businesses. However, this also brings new challenges and risks. Are you ready?


Innova 3DX Method emerges from the fact that innovation is not a direct result of financing, but of people’s innovative energy. This method helps to manage with efficiency the three dimensions that determine innovation: creative environment, innovative spirit and passion.

Which consultancy services does she offer?

She helps to take the path of e-leadership, inno-leadership digital transformation. Don’t miss the chance to become an innovative leader

Diagnostic of innovative energy leaks

Are the employees afraid of innovation? Are they motivated to innovate? Are there any “inno-leaks” to be repaired?

Lectures and (in)formation services

To move innovative energy a dose of external inspiration will accelerate the change. That will set a milestone.

Coaching and individual training

If you are worried about your future and your capability to adapt yourself to the digital wave? She can help.

Coaching and group training

Synergies play a key role in the world of innovation and digital transformation, and she can help you to get them.