Who says a technology talk should be boring? She has a personal style that proves that talking about e-leadership, innovation and digital transformation can be very enjoyable.


New technologies are transforming the labour market and business rules, so she works with both, teams and individuals, to help them understand the new digital wave and its opportunities.

What are her specialities?

e-Leadership and digital transformation

She can help your company understand how to make profitable the new digital wave: augmented reality, gamification, drones, 3D printing, bioprinting, internet of things and big data.


She arrives fully charged with inspiration to sharpen the individual and collective genious and to unfold passion for innovation. She will bring out the inno-leader we all have inside.

Innova 3DX method

Three dimensions determine innovation: creative environment, innovative spirit and passion. Do you manage them efficiently? Are they innovation leaks?

Female talent

What differentiate us makes us profitable. Managing these differences properly impacts on the company’s financial results. Are you already aware of them?

It is pleasure to attend a congress and hear speakers like her: so different, motivating and innovative.

Santos PardosIT manager

Simply the best interactive speech I have ever attended. Congratulations and thank you for reminding us the importance of reflection in Mexico. It was a privilege.

Emilio MilanCEO of Prosistemas MC

I loved the coherence in your message and the way you expressed it. There is not doubt that you believe in what you say.

Pablo AlarcónCoach in